Change The Text In The Start Menu

Note: for this tweak you will need to download the following: Resource Hacker
Note: You should backup explorer.exe and create a restore point i.e.

Backup explorer.exe: Go to my computer>local disk c>windows>then right click on explorer and click copy.

Go back to my computer>local disk c>right click>new>folder>call it backup>open it up>paste in explorer.exe

Create a restore point: Start>All programs>Accessories>system tools>system restore.

Open resource hacker, select file>open. In the dropdown menu select local disk c>windows>explorer.exe>select open.

On the left side of the screen click the plus’s next to string table>37>1033>in the dialog box highlight start and change it to whatever you want, i.e. like stop. 

Note: if your using windows classic it will be 38 instead of 37

Click “compile script”>file>save as>call it whatever you want i.e. explorerhack.exe

Now go to start>run>type regedit>hit enter>browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows NT>CurrentVersion>click Winlogon>in the dialog box double click shell>call it what you called the new start menu script, in this case explorerhack.exe

Click ok>restart your computer



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