Using The Microsoft Security Essentials Command-Line

How To Run The Microsoft Security Essentials Command-Line

Start –> run –> type cmd –> hit enter.

Paste the following: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Security Essentials\MpCmdRun.exe"

Hit enter.

List of Commands

  • -? / -h     Displays all available options for this tool.

  • -Trace [-Grouping #] [-Level #]     Starts diagnostic tracing

  • -RemoveDefinitions [-All]     Restores the installed signature definitions to a previous backup copy or to the original default set of signatures

  • -RestoreDefaults     Resets the registry values for Microsoft Antimalware Service settings to known good defaults

  • -SignatureUpdate [-UNC]     Checks for new definition updates
    -Scan [-ScanType]     Scans for malicious software

  • -Restore -Name <name> [-All]     Restore the most recently or all quarantined item(s) based on name

  • -GetFiles     Collects support information


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